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About Us

Marketing Butler is a full service digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. We set up campaigns to help you sell your products and services as profitably as possible.

We cover all integrations, software, and implementation… we build the sales mechanisms and run the traffic, so you get truly scalable results, and it’s hands off.

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What People Are Saying

“... A Record For Us & Will Drastically Improve Our Business”

Adam Lyons
Owner & Founder

Psychology Hacker, Ask The Dating Coach, Knights At The Game Table

“I hired David and Marketing Butler to help me sell my seven thousand dollar coaching program. I’d hired dozens of so called marketing experts at that point, and none of them could get me consistent sales or applications for my program.

On an average week before working with Marketing Butler we were getting 3 or 4 people applying for my coaching program and I needed to increase that. 11 days after talking to David, he’d implemented an amazing new system that brought us 53 new applicants. 53 applicants in 11 days was a record for us and will drastically improve our business.

If David has ideas for your business you need to do whatever he says IMMEDIATELY!

“... A Monstrous ROI.”

“We hired Marketing Butler for a trial and the first project out-pulled our control at a rate of almost 4 to 1, giving us a monstrous ROI.”

Tellman Knudson

Overcome Everything Inc

“.. We Could Barely Keep Up With The Flood Of Orders!”

“Last year I hired 10 different consultants to try and make my offer profitable with some very expensive media buys. They all failed. David [at Marketing Butler] was the 11th person I approached. By the time I spoke to him I’d spent $200k on consultants and felt like my business was failing.

Hiring David turned everything around. He created an astonishingly profitable offer for us which completely revolutionized our business. From the moment we went live we could barely keep up with the flood of orders! Since then we’ve had to hire more staff to cope with the rapid expansion!”

Dominic Wright

Make Your Ad Pay LLC

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What Makes Us Different From Other Agencies?

First of all we’re full service. We handle all software, design, implementation AND traffic. So it’s all turnkey for you.

Plus, we get you better results because we have a better process & a powerful Secret Sauce.

It’s called The Silver Platter Profits System.

First, we do a deep dive interview with you. We find out what makes your business tick, and who your ideal customers are.

Next, we also do deep dive interviews with those customers. So we know what makes THEM tick. And that’s the most important part of any business. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

The knowledge we get from these interviews lets us create a Persona Map of your buyers.

This Persona Map shows us EXACTLY how to communicate with your ideal customers and create a real bond.

We mix the knowledge from the Persona Map with our own expertise in sales and conversion to create our Secret Sauce… the perfect system for generating sales from those Personas online.

Then, we set up our Traffic Dragnet system. This lets us target these customers and go after them with messaging that’s so effective it’s like a dog whistle just for them.

Oh and of course we also have the Silver Screen Email System to turn Abandoned Carts and fence-sitters into ravenous buyers who can’t wait to give you money. And it’ll help you generate a pretty penny from your list of previous buyers, too.

If you’ve ever worked with an agency that couldn’t get you results, there are usually two reasons why:

Firstly, they don’t take the time to understand your audience, their pain points, and how your products solve those pains. This means they can’t communicate effectively with them.

Second, they don’t understand the laws of direct response and persuasion. And that usually means any sales they do generate are mostly a fluke… and as such not scalable. But we can get you results. Because it’s what we do, and where our expertise lies.

Our Services

Our flagship service is our Silver Platter Profits System. This is where we help you sell your products or services online at high volume with high profit.

We handle all software, design, integration & traffic – you get turnkey Profits On A Plate.

Everything we do at Marketing Butler is completely bespoke and tailored to your business.

Aside from our Silver Platter Profits System all in one solution, we can also help you with highly effective standalone marketing:

Self Optimizing Sales Funnels

Want a funnel that not only converts but converts better over time? We have you covered.

Traffic & Lead Generation

You need high quality prospects at high volume. We can get you those.

Conversion Consulting

Wondering why you’re not seeing the conversions you need for real business growth? We can walk you through it and show you what’s wrong.

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Our Silver Platter Profits Process

We work with you to figure out your ideal and most profitable customers and clients.
We create a bespoke Sales Funnel made up of Self Optimizing Sales Mechanisms. We use the exact language that will move your prospects to take action at volume.
We use our Traffic Dragnet system along with predictive AI technology to send floods of the most targeted and eager buyers on the planet to your offers.
We create email campaigns to make sure you’re getting as much revenue as possible from each buyer… and each ALMOST buyer too.
We rinse and repeat. As the sales funnel becomes more and more effective, we help you craft new offers & brainstorm ways to get more sales from current clients.

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